The Foundation Programme (FP)

Thursdays 7 – 9.30pm

We are currently studying Venerable Geshe Kelsang’s text How to Understand the Mind.

This is a wonderful opportunity for students of Venerable Geshe-la to deepen their understanding of this precious subject. The author himself has revised this text in recent years to make more it accessible and practical to us.

This book offers us deep insight into our mind, and shows how an understanding of its nature and functions can be used practically in every day experience to improve our lives. Part 1 is a practical guide to developing and maintaining a light, positive mind – showing how to recognize and abandon states of mind that harm us, and to replace them with peaceful and beneficial ones. Part 2 describes different types of mind in detail, revealing the depth and profundity of the Buddhist understanding of the mind. It concludes with a detailed explanation of meditation, showing how by controlling and transforming our mind we can attain a lasting state of joy, independent of external conditions.

Unlike drop-in classes, foundation programme students commit to study and complete a section of a book at a time. If you would like to join during this first part of this book, or would like to attend a taster session, please contact the centre to discuss.

The class runs on Thursdays 7 – 9.30pm in term time – dates for the next few months are available on request.